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-Basic refinish is 60.00 per club, includes new decals and rewhipping. APPLY TIP/ADAPTER FOR SHAFTS. See What Members Are Saying! ship your clubs to us for refinishing. Our Proprietary 10 Step Balancing & Blueprinting Process 2018 | CROWND GOLF | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You can even. We polish the face and remove many of the cosmetic damage and scratches. Once you have removed the previous paint job, dry your putter head with a towel and ensure theres no acetone remaining on the putter. Clubs that are well maintained will function better, plus a well-cared-for appearance will boost confidence! Additionally, our service team The new Custom Shop Limited Johnny Racer headcovers are now in Scotty's Custom Shop. WebGOLF CLUB REPAIR & REGRIPPING SERVICES AT GOLF GALAXY. Allow 2 to 3 weeks in our shop. Call Us: 817-460-3600 Complete Putter Restoration & Custom Shop Customization Home: Services: Photo Gallery: Photo Gallery 2: Photo Gallery 3: Repair Form: Photo Gallery 5: Click on the navigation links at the top to view the services we provide. We are committed to For more information regarding pricing and options, please visit ScottyCameron.com. But, as you can tell by the before and after images shown here, many dings, small spots of corrosion and worn components can be completely refurbished. Write us an e-mail at. WebGeneral contractors perform manual work and typically need to be present to complete their projects. If youre particularly attached to a putter that youve used for years but acknowledge that it might be time to upgrade, refinishing the club is a viable option. Custom club fitters of professional golf club refinishers are best placed to help you with structural adjustments to your putter head, and this is something you should probably avoid doing yourself. 2023 Acushnet Company. Send in your Scotty Cameron putter to Scotty's Custom Shop in North County San Diego, California for customization and authentication. Keep your golf equipment in pristine condition. Nick is one of the top golf club restoration expert who specializes in all aspects of golf club refinishing and restoration, we at Tiger Nick Golf offer the following services: Please refinish same colorthe face and crown. ). It takes around twenty minutes for the solvent to set, so you will need to leave your putter while it dries. We work with many golf professionals throughout the UK and Europe. WebSatin Bronze finish ( Can only be done to Stainless Steel Putters ) $125.00. But whats involved in the refinishing process? But re-milling the putter for the sake of it can affect the trueness of your stroke. We make it easy with several express packages. Re-shafting & Re-gripping For Scotty Cameron in the UK, this has to be the best place to come! Friday | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST | We also offer the ability todial inaputter's loft, lie, length and weight (on applicable putters) tothe customer'spreferred specs. With over 15 years of professional milling experience, we guarantee our passion and service will exceed your expectations. Additionally, our service team will provide a status update within 1 business day. We grind the sole and remove any damage and scratches. You will just need to invest in the required tools to get the job done, as well as a new shaft and grip. Iron 101T, Iron 301 CB, and Iron 301 MB! Great work", "Prime Golf impressed me very much. Look no more! Putter Install w/Grip Purchase .. $4.00. Besides the work, there will be a delivery cost added to the order this will depend upon your location. Add Sight Line/Sight dot. We can also regrip or reshaft your club while we're refinishing the head. However, if you come across a profile that states the contractor is offering remote services, ask what those services include. If you dont find what you want in the photo gallery, just request what youre looking for and well have it made up for you to the highest standard possible. Please note that all orders that include refurbishment must be placed by phone. Copyright 2023 Tiger Nick Golf - All Rights Reserved. (in 2 STEPS! Browse our photo gallery or read our glowing testimonials, here and with Trustpilot, and judge for yourself. WebA water damage restoration service near you can help remove any standing water quickly as well as monitor the drying process so you can rest assured that your property is dried thoroughly. Even putters that are fairly new from the best brands like Titleist, PING, TaylorMade, Nike and Wilson Golf should be refinished at the end of every season especially if they are your favorite! Really superb experience and dealing with such a knowledgeable person gives nothing but total confidence. Yes, refinishing a putter involves various aspects including, restoring or replacing the shaft, regripping, sanding the putter head, repainting, and other aesthetic touches such as scratch repair. So if youre looking for a high-quality and personal service you have come to the right place! Customerscan choose fromseveral options in our Custom Shop Accessories menus to upgrade the grip, headcover or shaft band/ring. Dip an old rag in acetone and rub the putter head to remove the paintwork. So, if youre struggling on the green with your current short stick, refinishing one of your putters is a great way to try something a little different without breaking the bank. SERVICES. I will ship your putter back so you can sink some birdies! NOW AVAILABLE: GolfWRX G/Fore Hats and Holderness & Bourne Polos! WebPutter restoration for both professional and amateur golfers We work with many golf professionals throughout the UK and Europe. Twist the head counterclockwise to remove. You can get any type of putter refinished, including mallet, face-balanced, toe-hang and blade styles for example. Locator - Scotty Cameron 0 WebPUTTERS DECK & FENCE RESTORATION - 1105 NW Depot, Lees Summit, MO - Yelp Putter's Deck & Fence Restoration 1 review Unclaimed Painters, Handyman, Decks & Railing Closed 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Frequently Asked Questions about Putter's Deck & Fence Restoration How is Putter's Deck & Fence Restoration rated? 9 to stain/seal my new deck. We can transform your traditional "V" grooves on your irons to box grooves, giving you 10% more spin. Refinishing putters is an excellent way to breathe new life into previously loved clubs, and you can find many used putters on the internet that are just waiting to be refinished! https://norcalputters.com/ Fire and Water Damage Restoration, House Cleaning, Cleaning Services BBB Rating: A+. View our full list of services online. I am impressed with your work, your honesty and your prompt shipping. It's just more fun to play golf when your clubs look this good. I believe they are one of the best aftermarket refinishes of putters in the USA!!! Whether you're Are you taking adequate care of them? Also improves control and direction! Head over to our Gallery to see more colors. SERVICES. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If you successfully refinish your putter and add it to your bag, you could even consider setting up an eBay shop on which you sell refurbished putters for a tidy profit. Update photos and further final info will be sent to you. Weve brought many Titleist Scotty Cameron putters back to either their original form or fully customised to the players precise specifications. Contact us with your custom design ideas and any additional questions you may have! Trust the Certified Club Technicians at Golf Galaxy to turn your old Old putters often have dented shafts, which will need to be replaced. WebThe Scotty Cameron Putter Studio offers putter restoration and customization for most models. WebTim is proud to offer golfers the chance to restore their current wedges & putters with a new lease of life with our golf club refurbishment options. On average, condition will increase by two grades. -Allow 2 to 3 weeks in the shop, plus 3 to 4 shipping days. Request a restoration, refinishing or alteration Weve brought many putters back to either their original form or Check out @c3customgolf on Instagram. They have done a couple for me and they are AWESOME. And although you might think that respraying or repainting a putter is a job for the pros, its actually relatively straightforward to do yourself. Includes: Ding/Dent Removal. If your putter is in need of restoration,head over to Scotty's Custom Shopto explore our options and get started. Find the Authorized Titleist retailer in your area. Now, it's my turn to pass the craft of refinishing down to my son. A la carte services available upon request. His work looks incredible and his customer service seems second to none in all the reviews I've read on forums. Custom Paint fill is included on all our finishes after the refinishing is complete. -We can match the color stain, or stain with darker colors, but woods cannot be stained with lighter colors. The restoration of my old, beat up Caliente was amazing", Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles, Copyright 2023, PRIME GOLF LAB, LLC. Some people are interested in re-milling the face of their putters, but again, its best not to tamper with the face too much. Write us an e-mail at Going back to the manufacturer is your best bet if you have a Scotty Cameron model. Looking for a skilled restorer to produce something new and different? We try and save metalwood decals whenever possible. WebPUTTERS -We can refinish most putters for 50.00 to 75.00 with either a matte color finish or a sandblast finish. -PAINT refinish: -SANDBLAST refinish: We will update the community when we are again open and ready to accept new orders on March 1, 2023. Cookies help us deliver our services. While you can refinish a Scotty Cameron putter yourself, its worth paying the fee to have it professionally remodeled, so you can be sure that the quality remains the same when the club is returned to you. 7) Once the heads get back dry fit the shafts checking the length & swing-weight -- then after installing the lead plug weights double check the swing-weight and install the ferrules. You will need to soak your grip in the solvent provided before sliding the grip onto the new shaft. Metal Wood Refinishing and Restoration SeeMore Putters Reviews: (These Any Good for Me? Generally, metalwood refinishes are very straightforward. Before you complete your purchase, you may request additional refurbishment services available on any used Irons or Wedges. 9/1/2021. Step 1: Fill out The Order Form Below Step 2: Send Your Project in to Putter Lounge Step 3: Confirmation of Arrival Notification Step 4: Restoration & Customization Process Step 5: Project Completion & Return Shipping WebThe refurbishing department has turned thousands of golf clubs from looking like something you would put in your garage sale to an immaculately restored club. WebFixing Putters with Restoration and Refinishing If you have an old putter lying around in the garage, now is the perfect time to refinish it and bring it back to life. I received my Ping 3 wood in the mail today and I am very well pleased. WebScotty Cameron Official Website: Discover fine milled putters, customize your putter, shop, join Club Cameron, or visit the Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery. You can refinish a putter yourself (as explained in the following section), or you can take your club to a golf club refinishing or repair company to do it on your behalf. This moves the sweet spot to the center of the club, raising the center of gravity, just where it should be. Our restoration company is backed by a national franchise network with over 65 years of experience. Your ball will have a lower more penetrating flight with a piercing trajectory and more control. And did extra work without charging.looking forward to a great year and a great business relationship. Cleaning and Care for Titleist Golf Clubs (754) 701-5946. Yes, Scotty Cameron does putter refinishing, and you can place an order through his website. Check out the Scotty Cameron news page to stay up to date on all of your favorite news, photos, videos and more. Submit a message with any questions you may have regarding Putter Refinishing, Please Provide Images to [email protected]. [email protected] Place "Refinish" in the subject line and be sure your message includes the make, model and color choice of your club, along with your e-mail address and daytime phone number. Using a heat gun, apply heat evenly around the hosel for about a minute. Peter Janes 2022 | Created by: Design Extreme. Our paint refurbishment includes removal of all paint to the bare metal, removal of all nicks and dings, polishing all non-painted surfaces, reapplication of finish, polish and paint fill. -We will approximate original color or choose any color from above display. Restoration involves stripping the putter's finish, removing scratches, dents and dings from the putter head, re-milling the face,applyinga restored finish and giving it fresh paintfill, either original or custom per the player's wishes. These services can be ordered directly through the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop without the involvement of your local dealer. Barcci Builders Top Pro Exceptional 5.0 (14) General Contracting, Home Remodeling Offers remote services Standard metalwood and "wood" wood refinishes are 55.00 and 60.00 respectively, plus return shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Or, customize your putter to your liking using our newCustom Shop Creator.Click below for more images of this Limited Release 1998 Cameron & Co. Sterling and Stainless Newport restoration. You might also need to sand the end of the shaft so it fits in your new putter head. Putter's Deck & Fence Restoration has 1 We check the condition of your club and can perform many types of golf club repair. (red, black or specify other). We recently completed this restoration for a father and son duo who wanted to pass these well-loved family heirlooms down to their grandsons and sons, respectively. We can refinish Just about any type of club including metal woods. Just be careful not to overdo it, as you can potentially ruin the weight of the putter head if you sand it too hard. From outerwear to accessories, everything we offer is truly unique and only available from Scotty Cameron. Putter Refinishing: 4 Steps to Refurbish & Restore! Some of which are home hardware, handrails, boat parts, lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers and much more. We have new and used items for sale please contact us and see if we have them if we dont we will source them for you. You can also send email inquiries to [email protected]. Checking in from the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show. Whether you're sending in your trusty set of irons, or a brand new putter straight from the store, we're going to transform your clubs and create something iconic that you won't be able to stop staring at. your clubs it is important to include WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS detailing the work you want done: color, shaft, flex, length, grip, loft and lie specs, etc. If there are nicks or notable dents in the face, then they will have to be treated and ironed out. ), Sik Putter Reviews (Are They Actually Any Good? Widely regarded as the best putter in golf, Scotty Camerons range now falls under the Titleist brand and is the trusted putter of so many PGA Tour professionals. Do you have any antique clubs? Golf Clubs. It's that ideal that guides the Custom Shop today. Chardon, Ohio 44024 Tiger Nick Golf Club Solutions was founded by Master Club Builder/Finisher, Nicholas A. Cerri III in January 2007. My father and I both started at a musical instrument We do not charge your credit card until the work is completed and your club is ready to ship back to you. Saturday Closed from October thru February, to us for refinishing. I was able to get a custom logo stamped into my putter, and the nano blue finish is just amazing. WE DO REGRIPPING AND CLUB REPAIRS -- CALL US FOR PRICING 440 710 4433. You will know it is a genuine product and not another Chinese counterfeit. WebServiceMaster Restore provides specialized restoration services that are designed to help people recover from disasters quickly and safely. Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site. ), Wood Putters Guide (Custom Made - Any Good?). My putter turned out better than I could have imaginedit had bag clatter all over it, but Kyle made it look better than new! Putter with Loft 7 Facts You Should Know! Hired Michael back on Mar. Lets take a look at how and why you should refinish a putter. FULL RESTORATION. This man is a genius at what he does. Dan O. In most instances, a simple sanding of the putter head will be more than sufficient when it comes to the restoration of a putter face. 10) Finally we turn the ferrules and shine them up w/acetone. WebFind a home restorer near you 100+ near you Give us a few details and well match you with the right pro. From there, I began playing golf. Our iron All rights reserved. Here are some before and afterimages that demonstrate thequality craftsmanship that goes into a Scotty Cameron putter restoration. Our #1 Goal is to provide all our customers with exceptional service. Order with confidence knowing you can return your custom order within 30 days for full credit under our 30 Day Play Guarantee. Store Hours: Monday www.norcalputters.com Cheers, Dr. K Agree about NorCal Peter has restored five putters for me now and each time the work is faultless! If you arent overly great with your hands and dont want the hassle involved in refinishing your putter yourself, you can take it to a club-fitter in your area who will be more than happy to refinish your putter on your behalf. WebNow more exclusive digital repairmen ways are invented for photo restoration. Clean and Seal Decks, Fences, Patios, Drives, or Porches. Local Pickup/Dropoff Service Available In The Map, "I just received my putter, it looks great. Cant believe the quality of the refurbishment. All of this is done with the specs of the USGA. 1 Hours) With the average golfer using 38% of shots on putts alone, you cant afford to ignore the importance of a Before you complete your purchase, you may request additional refurbishment services available on any used Irons or Wedges. Our business offers a wide range of metal refinishing services. Using a suitably sized paintbrush and acrylic paint, carefully paint the markings. Scotty Cameron has been manufacturing putters since the early 1990s, so if you have a classic model that you want to refinish, then its a great idea to get in touch with the workshop directly. Choose from one of our available services or ask about other services we may offer! Please consider Prime Golf Lab to take care of all your needs with golf equipment", "Thanks for the really nice job on my Scotty Cameron putters. RESHAFT OR INSTALL DRIVERS, WOODS, & HYBRIDS>. So, take a minute and request the restoration of your putter to see what we can do. We will give your putter the attention and the personal service you expect. Measure Putter Length Correctly! All full swing fittings completed outdoors on real grass. Putter restoration APPLY NOW: TaylorMade EXCLUSIVE 2023 Product Testing and Fitting Experience! As my foreman, my father trained me to be the second half of a very productive team. (919) 596-1242. However, wood refinishes often come to us with extra work required, so your final estimate is not determined until we have your club in hand. Nick is one of the top golf club restoration expert who specializes in all aspects of golf club refinishing and restoration, we at Tiger Nick Golf offer the following services: 6) Next the heads are sent to be either finished in. Additionally, our Custom Shop crew will install a new shaft, shaft band, grip and standard Custom Shop headcover. Scotty Cameron Gallery Online Store Release Update. The Custom Shop was created to not only give players the opportunity to personalize and customize a putter, but also to restore a putter back to its original state. Rust Removal. WebServpro of South Durham & Orange County. WebCORAL SPRINGS, FL 33065. Scotty Cameron creates exquisite products for golfers. See each Scotty Cameron putter model dating back to the early 1990s. Oil Can is a variation of our torched finishes. Or, customize We are unable to work on site. Allow 2 to 3 weeks in our shop.. Email us at [email protected]. 1998 Cameron & Co. Sterling and Stainless Newport Restoration. WebSend putter along with repair form to: Custom Craft Golf 3100 W Arkansas Ln Suite i Arlington, Texas 76016 817-460-3600 Custom Putter Works Services At Custom Putter Once youre happy with your paint job, leave your putter to dry for a few hours before inspecting the head and adding any finishing touches if desired. REMOVE AND SAVE GRIP (BLOW OFF) SHORTEN CLUB AND REGRIP. Whether its your favorite TaylorMade, Wilson Scotty Cameron, Titleist, Odyssey, PING, Mizuno, or an old-school putter that you cant imagine your game without its not as a difficult task as you might think. I want to thank you for the quickturnaround and the work that you did, will not hesitate to use you again, once again thank you. Not every putter can be restored, as sometimes the damage is just too much to repair. ), Wood Putters Guide (Custom Made Any Good? WebOur Signature Finishes. WebGive us a call at 972-432-7739 we will be happy to help! If you hire a professional to refinish your putter, it is likely to cost between $120 and $150, which is cheaper than buying a new putter. 1) We start by checking the lie and loft, because if they are to far off, it might effect the finish and/or the swing weight if I have to bend them after they are done. Cobalt Blue is one of our torched finishes. Paint Fill can be done in a variety of colors and up to 5 individual colors. Tiger Nick Golf Club Solutions was founded by Master Club Builder/Finisher, Nicholas A. Cerri III in January 2007. We refinish over 600 sets of irons per year and over 2000 wedges with our Intelligent Design system. WebTOTAL. Scotty personally checks every club that goes through the workshop to ensure the restoration and finishing are perfected to his demanding standards.

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